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Danville Services of Nevada LLC has been providing quality supports to people with disabilities in Nevada since 1992. Danville provides supports to clients with a variety of disabilities including but not limited to: developmental disabilities, autism, seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, behavior disorders, psychiatric diagnosis and intensive medical conditions.

Our programs are located throughout the Las Vegas area including Henderson and Boulder City and Mesquite. Currently we provide an array of residential and employment supports to approximately 150 clients in Nevada. Danville will provide supports on a private pay basis. Residential and employment supports vary according to the needs of each client.

The mission of Danville is to help each person served achieve his/her desired quality of life. With this in mind, the client’s dreams and goals are implemented in each individual program plan. We look at each client as a person first and treat them with dignity and respect. Our staff consistently promotes independence and participation in all areas of the client’s life.

We believe that working with and seeing our clients accomplish their goals is our greatest reward. Our clients continue to grow and learn new things daily from money management to making friends and going out into their community.

Danville Services of Nevada is also committed to providing real-time transparency to guardians and family members of the individuals we support. We offer on-line access to documentation including on-going chart notes, medical and medication administration records, etc.

Ultimately, it’s our caring, professional and committed staff that supports our clients to accomplish their goals and dreams. We are proud of our staff and pleased that they are committed to support each client and arrive at work each day with a positive, enthusiastic attitude. We have many long term staff that provides consistency for the clients and the programs. If you have the desire to support people with disabilities and are interested in becoming part of the team, please see the Nevada Jobs page.

Testimonials from Family, Clients and Staff

"Danville is the best. They take excellent care of our granddaughter, not only with her daily needs but with love and understanding. Other facilities could take lessons from Danville on how to run a great care facility." -Jack and Jayne, grandparents

"The home in which my daughter lives at is awesome. The staff is very caring about my daughter’s needs. She gets excellent daily care. She looks good when she goes to school and she eats well (thanks to a staff’s fine cooking). Doctor appointments are taken care of by the nurses so I don’t need to go. I get regular updates from smiling staff. Some of the employees at the home decorated my daughter’s room so awesome and the weekend staff is great! I also love that she goes out in the community and how the house looks during holidays. I don’t worry that much because I know my daughter is well taken care of and allows me some time for myself." -Kathi, parent

"(There are) very nice people in the company. I can understand what the company is about and what Danville Services stands for. Danville helps me to achieve my personal goals. I also like the home that I am living in. Danville helped me see my father who I haven’t (seen) in years. I am very happy to be a member of Danville." - Michael

"Danville is a melting pot of empowerment, motivational leaders and success stories. I’m proud and honored to be an integral part of the altruistic Danville team. The employees optimize team work. They always use people first language, teach in a positive way that enhances knowledge and always offer support without hesitation. The individuals whom Danville supports have a zest for life and strive hard to accomplish their goals." -Trang-Chau, employee

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