Nevada Job Opportunities 

If you are interested in a position or a career in the field of disabilities services, we hope you will consider employment with Danville Services of Nevada, LLC.

Danville employs individuals with varying levels of experience, education and professional certification requirements. Position titles include Direct Support employees for both residential and supported living programs, Program Coordinators, Program Directors, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and a variety of office and administrative positions.

Danville Services of Nevada encourages all qualified individuals to apply for openings that match their interests and experience. Danville also encourages and welcomes diversity in all of our workplaces.


Apply Now!

Please review the Job Descriptions of the positions currently open. If a position is no longer available, you will be notified.


After you have completed the application it will be reviewed at Danville's regional office. You may then be contacted to come in to the office for an interview and to complete a Reading/Writing Exercise. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Employment

What positions do you have open?

Danville lists their open positions on the Employment Line. The telephone number is 702-838-0222. After the call is answered, press Option #1

How can applicants apply for a position with Danville?

Applicants may apply online (see links to open jobs above). Once an application has been received and reviewed, applicants may be contacted for a pre-screening interview and asked to go to the Region Office to complete an Application for Employment.

Danville also accepts applications in person Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Region Office. Because Danville requires applicants’ original signatures, and there is a reading and writing exercise as part of the application process, all Applications for Employment must be completed at the office. All applicants should be prepared with contact information for their previous employers. The entire process may take up to 30 minutes.

Would my work at Danville make a difference?

To answer this question, it is better to hear what Danville employees themselves are saying about their jobs. Below are some comments Danville’s employees made in response to the following questions:

When you travel to work each day what do you look forward to?

• Feeling appreciated
• Feeling needed
• Making a difference in the client’s lives
• Developing long-term relationships with the clients and peers
• Knowing that if you let them, the clients will make your day better with smiles and hugs
• Seeing the clients smiling faces
• My job is never boring

What parts of your job are the most enjoyable or most fun?

• Helping the clients prepare a meal
• Going with the clients to watch them compete in sports (nothing is better than seeing the medals placed around their necks and seeing the joy on their faces)
• Seeing the clients have pride in their accomplishments
• Problem solving with the clients
• Seeing the different personalities
• To hear the clients laugh, know they are happy, and help them earn money
• Taking the clients into the community
• I enjoy making the clients happy, seeing them smile, and hearing them laugh

What are you learning here?

• I have learned patience, love, and knowledge of different disabilities
• That people can be happy even with all of the challenges they have faced
• I have learned that everyone has something to offer to every situation whether they have a disability or not
• I have learned patience, understanding, trust and team work
• Learning how to make a positive difference in people’s lives
• Learning how to interact with people who are non-verbal
• I have learned to be a better person
• I have learned not to take life for granted
• Life skills
• To cherish every moment
• That you cannot fix everything
• Learning to make a positive difference in people’s lives

What type of insurance benefits does Danville provide their employees?

Danville provides, and pays a percentage of employees’ premiums, for the following insurance benefits to full time employees who have worked full time hours continuously for 3 months. Full time employees are those normally scheduled to work at least 36 hours per week.

• Medical
• Dental
• Flexible spending

Do Danville employees get sick and vacation time?

Danville recognizes employees have diverse needs for time off from work, and as a result, offers a flexible, progressive Paid Time Off (PTO) program to full time employees after they have worked a continuous 6 months.

Danville believes that employees should be able to choose how and when, with appropriate approval, they use the paid time off they have earned. They are accountable and responsible for managing their own PTO for time they may need off for vacations, holidays, illnesses, appointments, emergencies, or other purposes that requires time away from work.

The amount of PTO employees accrue varies based on employee’s length of service.

What training and development do direct support employees receive?

Danville is committed to developing all employees in order to better serve their clients and the company. Employees take an active role in their continued development to ensure they contribute to the overall success of the company.

New employees attend a New Employee Orientation where they review Danville’s mission, vision, history, policies and procedures, employee benefits, and training required by Danville and federal and state governments.

At least annually during their performance evaluations, employees, with their supervisors, plan their on-going development. These developmental activities are intended to enhance their performance and professional and personal growth.

Danville provides direct support employees competency based training, including classroom training, hands on training, and in-program training regarding client’s treatment plans. Examples of the training direct support employees receive are:

• CPR/First Aid
• Blood borne Pathogens
• Fire Safety/Evacuation Drills
• Emergency Medical Procedures
• Defensive Driving
• Medical Management
• Lifting/Transfer
• Positive Behavior Supports
• Additional training from nurses, management, and outside consultants

What kind of training and development do Danville managers get?

Danville managers receive management skills training through Danville’s Management Core Curriculum Training, which includes skills training for newly hired managers, training on employment law, effective hiring strategies, effective employee discipline, assertive communication skills, and retention strategies. As appropriate, managers attend external courses to increase their management skills and abilities and to better serve our employees and clients.

This question is better answered by looking at the some of the answers Danville managers gave in response to a question: What are you learning here?

• Professionalism
• Good people skills
• Good management skills
• Learning how to make a positive difference in people’s lives
• Learning how to interact with others and people who are non-verbal
• Patience
• How to prioritize my day, and when to ask for help
• How important consistency is
• How other people deal with challenges
• Leadership
• Computer skills
• Compassion and respect
• How to relate to people
• Communication skills

What are the minimum requirements for a Direct Support position?

• High School degree or equivalent required
• Must be able to pass a criminal background/fingerprint check
• Must be 21 years of age, have a NV valid driver’s license, and an insurable driving record
• Must maintain eligibility to work with clients funded through Desert Regional Center
• If driving their own vehicle on company business, required to show on-going proof of automobile insurance and registration
• Ability to lift 50 pounds
• Basic fluency in verbal and written English
• Working knowledge of personal computers

Please see this example of a Job Description for more information.

What are the minimum requirements for an RN/LPN position?

• RN/LPN Degree from an accredited school of nursing
• Minimum of 1 year nursing experience preferred
• Required to pass a criminal background check and/or fingerprint clearance
• Must be 21 years or older
• If responsible for driving on company business, must have a valid state driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance, and an insurable driving record
• Food Handlers and TB tests, per specific state requirements
• Ability to lift 50 pounds
• Basic fluency in oral and written English
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Must be highly organized
• Must have good interpersonal communication skills
• Must have an unencumbered state license
• CPR/First Aid

How does Danville Nevada’s retention rate for direct support employees compare to other Nevada providers?

Per ANCOR’s data, in 2009, Danville’s retention rate for Direct Support employees was higher than other Nevada providers. For more information on direct support retention rates go to ANCOR’s Website at:

Are there opportunities for advancement within Danville?

Danville has a reputation as an employer who provides current employees promotion opportunities. Many of Danville’s management and administrative employees started their career at Danville as Direct Support employees. By providing opportunities to current employees, Danville provides continuity for the clients, the company, and increases retention of our employees who demonstrate professionalism, dependability, quality performance, and a love of the field of human services.

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